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Who We Are

Our Mission

Auburn Chiropractic Associates aims to inform our patients about proper chiropractic care, in addition to providing natural solutions to common health issues. By taking the time to educate our patients, we hope to inspire you to begin your journey toward improving and managing your health.

Our Values

We believe in the importance of open and honest communication with patients, quality service, the continual pursuit of knowledge, cultivating a passion for chiropractic care, providing measurable results and maintaining the integrity of your health, as well as our reputation.

Our Solution

Our goal is to provide both pain relief for today and prevention for the future. We have found the body has the power to heal itself, if given the chance. By using minimally invasive techniques, we hope to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Why You Should Choose Us

back pain and neck pain treatment

Quality Care - Auburn Chiropractic Associates has the expertise to effectively diagnose and treat your condition. Our friendly staff is devoted to providing information to help you live your healthiest life. We provide the personalized treatment that all patients deserve.

Informed Patients - Auburn Chiropractic Associates believes an informed patient is better equipped to make life and health decisions. We want our patients to be informed about their injuries and the various treatments that will provide them proper care. Our website offers information on specific injuries that can be helped with chiropractic care.

Comfortable, Convenient Setting - Auburn Chiropractic Associates wants to provide patients with a comfortable and convenient space for care. We have included details about our location, operation hours, insurance policies and what to expect during your first visit.

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