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AuburnChiro Anti Inflammatory

While incorporating wellness habits and tips into your routine may seem trivial, a solid wellness regimen is the backbone of reducing inflammation in your body. Furthermore, when we say backbone, we mean it literally- the spine is the central highway of the nervous system, meaning it can immensely affect our physical and mental health. While incorporating a wellness routine may not address every single spinal issue like a chiropractor would, it is imperative to integrate numerous wellness tips into everyday life to build a strong foundation for your overall health.

AuburnChiro Gut Health Spinal Alignment

We have all heard the popular phrase, "You are what you eat". It primarily refers to the idea that a wholesome and nutritious diet can help you feel and look your best. But what if your diet not only affects your overall health but also the complex systems of your spine? The connection between spine and gut health is much more intricate and important than generally recognized. The spinal cord is the super highway to the nervous system, which plays a critical role in mood, muscles, and most importantly, digestive health. By regulating your digestive health, you are also reducing inflammation in the body and may also affect the spine, causing misalignment and pain. In this article, Auburn Chiropractic has outlined five crucial ways you can regulate your gut health to optimize your spine health best.

Joint Friendly Activities For Spring

Spring has finally arrived, and after a long winter, it’s the perfect time to embrace the great outdoors. The new season ushers in warm weather and longer days and may motivate us to spend more time exercising outdoors. Not all exercises are equal regarding the health of your spine and joints. While low-impact exercises are good, participating in a high-intensity activity can lead to injury. In this article, Auburn Chiropractic Associates will outline five of the most effective, low-impact, spine-and-joint-friendly exercises you can do this spring, to take advantage of the warm weather and improve your health.

Habits That Harm Your Joints

With life tending to pull you in different directions, it is easy to underestimate the physical influence daily tasks have on your health. Certain tasks that may seem so trivial, such as what you wear in the office each day, can have a negative impact on your joints and induce chronic pain in the long run. While chiropractors typically treat back and neck pain, small-scale activities that affect other joints can also warrant a visit to the chiropractor. Auburn Chiropractic Associates has outlined some simple yet effective everyday tasks that you can start avoiding today to kickstart your journey toward a healthier you!

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