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Your posture, or body position, is vitally important! Poor posture may compromise vital organ function leading to circulatory, respiratory and digestive problems. Continuous poor posture may cause a myriad of orthopedic conditions causing chronic neck and back pain, headaches as well as arm and leg pain. Incorrect posture often leads to painful and stiff joints and muscles. Good posture is healthy! It does not stress joints and muscles in an abnormal manner, leading to pain.

What is good posture? Specifically, good standing posture involves positioning your ears above the shoulders and the shoulders above the hips. It often requires supportive footwear as well as core strength and management. Good seated posture also includes one’s head positioned over the shoulders with ears aligned with the shoulder joints. It is important to have lumbar support so the lower back curve is maintained. Most adults sit an average of 12 hours each day. Proper positioning promotes and maintains the natural, inward curves at the neck and low back. Good posture not only feels better, it looks better. Sleeping posture/position is also very important. Most people spend approximately ⅓ of their life in the bed. It is most optimal to sleep on a firm supportive mattress. The sleeping position is vitally important. Generally, a side lying position with a supportive pillow is best. Back lying with a smaller pillow and the knees slightly elevated is also optimal in most cases. Everyone is different, but it is essential to find a comfortable sleeping position that is also healthy.

To maintain good posture, strong core muscles are required. But never fear! It is not difficult to develop a strong core. It only requires a persistent exercise regimen. Good posture is worth striving for!

If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain or headaches, it may be related to your posture. The professionals at Auburn Chiropractic Associates have successfully treated this condition for 25+ years and have educated their patients in general health and prevention. The preventive approach is healthy, cost effective and less painful.

We will be happy to lead you to better health, with chiropractic care. Auburn Chiropractic Associates, Dr. Tracy L. Hartford (334) 826-2225.

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