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Social distancing is a concept that many had not heard of, let alone practiced, until this past year. With the rise of the pandemic, we as a society have begun to self isolate more and spend less time with others.

While at the beginning, this social distancing practice may have allowed a nice break from the hustle and an opportunity for some much needed down-time. As time progressed, many have begun to feel more alone and isolated than ever. Taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally during this unique time is important.

Here at Auburn Chiropractic Associates, we want you to feel your best on the inside and out. Here are a few ways to improve your mental and emotional health while social distancing:

Take a Break

Many feel guilty when they dedicate a day for relaxation. While you may feel like you are being lazy, that is far from the truth. Taking a break from the busyness for a day or even an afternoon can serve as the self-care that you need.

Put your to-do list and chore chart away for an evening and replace it with a spa night or movie marathon. This will not only make you feel better but it will also help take your mind off everything happening around you. Focusing on yourself instead of the changes in the world will help improve your mental and emotional health.

Taking a break does not only involve skipping the chores and tasks, it also applies to social media and news sources. Constantly trying to keep up with changing news and announcements through these platforms can be exhausting and anxiety inducing. Limiting the time you spend on these outlets will help avoid overwhelming feelings.

Get physically active

Not only does exercise benefit your overall health, it also has mood boosting effects that can help with any slumps that you may experience. Intense hiking trips, sprints and rigorous mountain biking will get your blood and adrenaline pumping while yoga, meditation and a stroll will allow your body to stretch and relax. No matter the exercise method you choose, a breath of fresh air and sunshine can greatly benefit your mood and how you feel.

Try a new hobby

The same hobby and daily routine can become repetitive and boring. Focusing your energy on a new hobby or interest can help break your monotonous pattern and actively engage your mind.

It’s important when socially distancing to keep your brain stimulated. More complex hobbies such as learning an instrument or language will help keep your mind sharp.

Keep in contact

Just because you have to physically distance from those around you doesn't mean you shouldn't keep in contact. Staying in touch with friends and family is vital to prevent feeling isolated. Setting up video chat times, phone calls or sending letters is a great way to ensure that you do not lose touch with friends and family.

Having outside sources to talk to about what is happening in your life and vent about the topics that may be causing you stress is very healthy as well.

Focus on your health

Eating well and seeking health solutions will help to minimize anxiety and depression that social distance may cause. A balanced diet packed with vitamins and minerals will improve your energy and mood from the inside out.

Chiropractic care is another option that is proven to improve mental health symptoms. According to rtor,an organization that promotes and enables positive life outcomes for people living with mental health disorders," chiropractic care can help relieve an array of anxiety and depression symptoms by focusing on balancing the mind and the body. This holistic, all-natural approach, utilizes your existing body components and focuses on properly aligning them to increase positive hormones and improve nervous system function.

Here at Auburn Chiropractic Associates we want you to feel your best. We know that social distancing can have mental, emotional and physical effects on many people. Contact us today so that we can help put you back on the path to a happy and healthy life!

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