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Many people frequently experience joint aches and pains. This could be a result of prior injuries, systemic underlying health conditions, occupational stress, postural stress, or degenerative arthritis. Finding the appropriate treatment for your health condition can be difficult. Chiropractic care can help identify the source of your pain and improve your physical and emotional well-being. Additionally, the chiropractor will emphasize conservative health management to assist you in the prevention and recurrence of pain in the future.

While emphasizing conservative health management, chiropractors focus on the health of the spine and extremities. If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed below, it may be time to take your first steps with chiropractic care.

5 Signs You Need to See a Chiropractor

1. Chronic back and neck pain

If you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, chiropractic care is an effective and healthy option instead of another medication or surgery. Chiropractors use a variety of non-surgical treatments. They can address chronic pain with spinal manipulation to relieve inflammation, muscle tension, and restricted joint movement. Perpetual neck and/or back pain is one of the most apparent signs that chiropractic care is a viable option.

Neck/cervical manipulation is a type of adjustment that can be used to loosen joints in the neck and help reduce pain from misaligned vertebrae, degenerative or herniated discs, pinched nerves, strains, or muscle spasms. The chiropractor may also use decompression therapy which is an effective type of traction. Licensed chiropractors provide you with safe, non-invasive, and non-addictive alternatives to manage the pain and tension in your neck or back.

2. Muscle and joint pain

Muscle and joint pain can be a result of chronic tension, stress, minor injuries, as well as overuse. Chiropractic care can be very beneficial in the treatment of these types of conditions. Typically, the chiropractor will provide joint mobilization and adjustments, as well as stretching and massage to the related muscles. Additionally, moist heat, ultrasound, cold therapy, exercises, and nerve stimulation may be provided.

3. Frequent Headaches

Frequent headaches may not seem like the most obvious sign to see a chiropractor, but consistent chiropractic care has been shown to effectively decrease the frequency and intensity of many types of headaches. Using a more natural approach to relieve pain, rather than masking the problem with pain medications, may significantly improve your overall health.

Stress is a common factor that can manifest in multiple ways in your daily life and can be the cause of your headaches or migraines. Chiropractic care can help determine the source of your headaches or migraines. Additionally, the chiropractic physician will determine if your headaches are triggered by structural problems, mechanical stress, or simply improper posture in your day-to-day life.

4. Limited range of motion

If you suffer from a limited range of motion and want to improve your full movement potential, you should consider visiting a chiropractor. Whether you experience restricted movement in your neck, shoulders, hips, or any other joint, a chiropractor can help identify underlying problems that are causing a limited range of motion. Depending on your diagnosis, treatment can include realigning the spine, the use of physical modalities, massage to tight muscles, or practicing mobility exercises.

5. Recent injury

If you have recently suffered from chronic pain, a chiropractor will identify the cause of your pain and help prevent any further damage. Following an accident, a chiropractor can use techniques such as spine and extremity manipulation and exercise therapy to stabilize the injury. Please note that some severe injuries and/or trauma may be outside a chiropractor’s scope of care and the chiropractor will make a referral to the appropriate physician for diagnostic exams, surgical or medical treatment.

Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle?

Chiropractic care can help improve the communication throughout your body to correct interference within the nervous system. This allows your body to optimize the potential to heal and perform so that your nervous system, the most important system in your body, can remain healthy. Many people sit at a desk for hours due to the widespread use of computer technology. Postural stress to the neck and back may become increasingly painful over time. Taking care of your body prior to the onset of pain is also important to prevent misalignments and permanent damage. Prevention is a very wise way to approach your health so you can live an active, productive, and healthy life with minimal pain.

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Auburn Chiropractic Associates, we offer a conservative approach to health management with chiropractic treatment. We strive to inspire our patients to live their healthiest life. We are passionate about natural pain management solutions and care deeply for both the physical and emotional well-being of our patients. By implementing a treatment plan personally tailored to your body’s needs, we will work with you to maximize your results. Schedule an appointment today to discover your health potential with chiropractor care.

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