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Joint Friendly Activities For Spring

Spring has finally arrived, and after a long winter, it’s the perfect time to embrace the great outdoors. The new season ushers in warm weather and longer days and may motivate us to spend more time exercising outdoors. Not all exercises are equal regarding the health of your spine and joints. While low-impact exercises are good, participating in a high-intensity activity can lead to injury. In this article, Auburn Chiropractic Associates will outline five of the most effective, low-impact, spine-and-joint-friendly exercises you can do this spring, to take advantage of the warm weather and improve your health.

Activity 1: Hiking

Hiking is one of the most pleasurable low-impact workouts. Choosing specific trails that are well-maintained with even terrain, can be an excellent form of movement. Participating in a low-impact exercise such as hiking can ensure a better possibility of keeping your spine and joints pain-free. Furthermore, finding a beautiful trail in the midst of spring allows you to get outside and enjoy nature! Remember to walk at your own pace on the trail, and stay hydrated!

Activity 2: Gardening

A wonderful balance between self-care and low-impact movement is gardening. The spring season offers many beautiful flowers and plants. Growing our own fruits and vegetables-whether planting in pots on a patio site or full blown rows in the soil, it’s a purposeful activity with many rewards. Furthermore, while gardening qualifies as light exercise, it is important to bend at the knees, rather the waist, while gardening. This prevents unnecessary pressure and stress on the lower back, and enables us to participate in springtime activities that will not cause joint pain. By alternating positions and varying movement patterns, you can avoid repetitive stress on many joints.

Activity 3: Swimming

One of the best spring and summer activities is outdoor swimming. Now that the weather is warmer and pools are opening up, we have access to a full-body workout that takes pressure off the spine. By swimming at a low-intensity pace in the pool, the buoyancy of the water reduces stress on weight-bearing joints while providing gentle resistance to increase strength and endurance. It is important to perform a warm-up before jumping into the workout, to reduce the risk of injury. Swimming does not require a specific pace to be considered “effective”, and it is a healthy activity for most joints as well as an excellent activity for cardiovascular fitness.

Activity 4: Yoga

Yoga is not limited to spring, but with the longer and warmer days, practicing yoga outside can greatly enhance the low-impact workout. Practicing yoga outdoors allows you to feel at peace with your environment and connected to nature. Yoga is a perfect movement for those who want to prioritize joint health because of its combination of stretching and low-impact exercise. Yoga is renowned for increasing flexibility, strength, and balance, as well as improving joint pain and improving posture. While yoga is recommended for those looking for a slower form of movement, it is important to attend beginner or gentle classes, at the risk of performing a yoga position your body is not ready for.

Activity 5: Golf

As golf season emerges, it is not just limited to watching the Masters. Playing golf is another low-impact exercise for those looking to get outdoors, without compromising your joints and spine health. Golf is not known to be a strenuous activity and it is a fantastic way to exercise with friends. Practicing proper swing mechanics is crucial for avoiding back, neck, knee and shoulder pain. Furthermore, walking the course instead of using the cart, can provide an extra form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise.

How We Can Help

The staff at Auburn Chiropractic Associates understands the frustration of wanting to exercise but being fearful of the pain that may result. We are here to provide you with recommendations for an exercise regimen that you can enjoy. Before diving into any activities that you are unsure about, Let us help! Our team offers an array of services that are conservative and healthy, natural and drug-free. Our goal is to help alleviate your current pain so that you can enjoy better health in the future. Contact Us today to learn how you can feel your best, pain-free!

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