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Core Strength And Health

Our bodies continuously change as we get older. Aches and pains often become frequent and more intense. We may also experience a decrease in our energy levels. Posture and core strength play an important role in how the body changes over time. Consider how you sit at work: Do you have a desk job? Are you hunched over when you sit? Are you leaning too close to the computer screen? Are you taking enough breaks throughout the day to stretch?

Health Body Mind

Physical activity has been known to provide many people with countless benefits especially improving mental health and overall well-being. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or continuing, getting some exercise at least 3 times a week can make a big difference in the way you feel. Contrary to what many believe, you don’t have to go to the gym every single day for several hours to experience the benefits that working out provides. The team at Auburn Chiropractic Associates is made up of knowledgeable individuals who value their patient’s health and strive to keep you informed. They have shared some of the best ways getting physical activity can improve your mental health and leave you feeling your happiest.

Spine Adjustment

Approximately 65 million Americans suffer from back pain. Out of those that sought medical treatment, the patients who were treated by a chiropractor reported greater satisfaction than those who sought other types of care. Auburn Chiropractic Associates provides spine adjustments, therapeutic services, and conservative health management to treat pain and overall health. Receiving a spine adjustment can be daunting if you don’t understand the process. We want to ease your mind by explaining the steps a chiropractor takes to adjust your spine.

Posture Chiropractic Services

Sitting at your desk all day may not seem physically demanding, but sitting most of your day can take a toll on your body. This puts you at risk for muscle strains, herniated discs, and other related back pain and health issues. Some common areas of pain from sitting at a desk include the neck, back, shoulders, and spinal disks. Protect your overall health by mitigating these conditions.

Here at Auburn Chiropractic Associates, we have compiled a list of actions you can take to prevent pain and discomfort while working at an office job. These tips are very simple and can make a big difference for your overall comfort and health.

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